Ever wondered how you will manage to collect all of your guests’ photos of your big day after the event? Well wonder no more!

There are a few wedding apps out there but the Wedding Party App has to be my favourite. Wedding Party is a simple & fun way to capture and share your wedding experience with your guests. It allows guests to upload pictures, read your timeline, watch a live stream of your wedding and so much more all in one place!

The Wedding Party App

So how does it work?

Firstly you need to create your event on the Wedding Party website and then get your guests to join in the fun. Wedding Party creates these customised cards which are designed for your reception tables:

The Wedding Party App

Now all of your guests know about it they just need to start snapping! Photos are organized based on when they were captured. This creates a minute by minute timeline of your wedding created by your guests. They can then comment on each other’s notes & pictures and get to know one another. Even the guests that couldn’t make it can participate!

Content collected in Wedding Party is also posted to an accompanying website in real time. Here all of the high quality photos are available for your viewing pleasure. Want to share your wedding photos with your friends and family on Facebook? Create a Facebook album of your wedding timeline with just 1 click.

I absolutely love this idea and will certainly be recommending it all Passionate About Paper customers in the future!

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